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Like the ancient, desert sands covered entire cities ONE PEBBLE at a time, the mission of our Telecommunications Hub Project is to cover our community, STEP-BY-STEP, with networked "Satellite Centers" where our students and other community residents can go to work on their assignments and projects, using the latest computer technology, within walking distance of their homes---ONE CENTER at a time.

Ordinary People, Extraordinary Heroes
For that person that is first to lend a helping hand, yet last to accept an award. For the one that gives from the heart, then rejects to being on the front page of the newspaper. For the one that will work even when no one is around because it is important to get the job done... not who's watching you get the job done. We celebrate those every day individuals that have made an impact in our communities, changed our history, and left behind a revolutionary roadmap for all to follow. For each week we will highlight five influential individuals and their story, giving you a glimpse of what we mean when we say, "Ordinary People, Extraordinary Heroes." Click Here to read stories.

W.E.B. DuBois Learning Center"